Who’s Coming to Dinner, William Leslie 3rd Earl of Rothes Family and Friends Friday

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Who’s Coming to Dinner, William Leslie 3rd Earl of Rothes

Not this one again Kenny. You already wrote about Earl Leslie

I know I have written about William Leslie before, but I wanted to write back because I am dedicating my Family and Friends Friday to the blogging prompt 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks by Amy Johnson Crow. And today’s topic is invite to dinner. I cant think of a single ancestor who I would like to meet more than William Leslie, besides maybe Robert the Bruce.

Why do you want to eat with Earl Leslie?

Glad you asked me that hehe. When I think of all of my ancestors, I go to Earl Leslie because of how old he is. I also want to get in touch desperately with my Scottish roots, and I even may try a genealogy trip to Scotland in the future. I also like the juicy details about some things that have happened in his family.

What are the juicy bits?

William was not the eldest child in his family. Title and peerage usually pass to the eldest male in a family. The eldest in this piece of the Leslie dynasty was George Leslie the 2nd Earl of Rothes. George had to be stripped of his peerage because he did a big no-no. This man tried to sell the family lands without royal permission. Oops!

Scandal can be interesting.

So George seems to be fiscally motivated about tradition it seems. I would love to sit down with William and ask him how he felt about this. I know I would be angry if my older brother tried to sell family lands which I was probably living on. I would inquire how he felt when he became the earl, and the dynasty switched to his line, not George’s.

Scandal Part Two

When I think about this family, i see that he probably forgave his brother at some point. Why do I say that? William’s eldest child was named after his uncle George. I would not mind meeting with this George either because there is some massive scandal in his line. His son William Leslie of Cairnie was killed for murdering a Cardinal of the Catholic Church. I think it’s pretty significant to be convicted of killing a Prince of the Church (another term for cardinals).

The good things outweigh the bad.

There are many good things about the Leslie family who would start the Scottish Clan Leslie. His son James Leslie who was fourth in line for the title of earl instead chose the church and became the Parson (a Rector or Vicar) of Rothes. It is customary that if you were not a contender for the peerage that you could dedicate your energies to the cloth.

His older brother the middle child John Leslie of Parkhill was captured in the battle of Solway Moss which seems to me that he chose the other profession for someone, not the direct heir which was the knighthood.

In Conclusion

I am fascinated by both the excellent history of this family and the scandals that went on. And that’s why I would want this section of the Leslie clan to come to my house for dinner tonight. I shall have to continue to read about them to suffice!

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