Happy One Year Blogiversary to Genealogy Gangster!

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One Year In Operation

Genealogy Gangster is one year old!

I am excited that we have reached one year old. I’ve had some time this afternoon to think about this blog. It has not been easy to keep the blog in operation. There are many things that can cause a blog to falter and we have faced some doozies. I think about my health issues and things that prevented me from being as active in the field of Genealogy.

The Good Times This Year!

There have been many good times this year. I think of my first and only foray into podcasting when I got to interview Kenyatta Berry or my interview with Thom Reed who works for FamilySearch. We have got the foundation going and I know that there are many things to come with that.

I am grateful for the extreme amount of love that people in the industry have shown me. People like Thomas MacEntee who took on the role of being my mentor, I am so grateful for what I learned from him though I know I have far more to learn. I want to thank people who have come to our site and joined our mailing lists. Next, i’m going to talk about my favorite blog posts of the year, and last I will lay out my vision for the coming year.

My Favorite Posts of the Year

I love my welcome post that I did this time last year. The reason I love it so much is that it shows me where I have come from as a writer. I am so grateful for the mentorships I’ve had this year. It has taken me from a beginner to where I am now. Check it out here!

My next favorite post is when I learned about how your DNA test results from one service (i have 23 and Me) and how you can export the data and use it on several websites. I also did a vlog which was included that had details check it out here!

The last one I want to highlight is a post I’m especially proud of. It comes from a Vlog I did on the Freedmen’s Bureau project which I was very happy to report on. Check that out here. I am so grateful for what I’ve learned as I’ve turned back the hands of time when it comes to the Genealogy Gangster!

What is to come of Genealogy Gangster over the next year?

To close I wanted to talk about what I am planning for the blog over the next year. The bible states that without a vision the people perish. I don’t know that much about SEO and Social Media so I want to take some time to learn that so that this website can be of help to more people. So we plan to stick to the once a week blog article on Tribal Tuesday.

Once I have a handle on SEO and Social Media to my satisfaction I am going to resurrect my Vlog and Podcast. People responded to that so around next summer or possibly after RootsTech I will relaunch those endeavors. To celebrate our one-year success everyone who signs up to our newsletter will receive a voucher for 1 Free Night hotel stay. Join our newsletter here! Be on there by Monday the 23rd because that is when we will be sending this out. If you’re already on, then your good to go!

Thank you for your patronage of our website! I am nothing without you all! I am so grateful and happy birthday to us!!!

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