What I Learned At RootsTech 2016 Part Two!!

What I Learned At RootsTech 2016 Part Two

How to Survive RootsTech!

On today’s Tuesday Tip day, I want to give you survival tips for RootsTech. Last year was my first year at the convention. I want to thank everyone who helped me get there. As a rookie last year I did not read any blogs on how to survive the event. And let me tell you I wish I had. This is a massive event, and if you go unprepared, you won’t have the best time. Last year I struggled because I did not make preparations. So I want you to avoid my pitfalls.


First and foremost wear comfortable shoes. I had on a boot last year for my ulcer on my foot. I feel like it’s déjà vu because I have a boot on now. And that boot along with uncomfortable shoes met my dogs was hurting at the end of the night. So first and foremost wear comfortable shoes. The second lesson I want to teach from my experience is don’t overload yourself. Last year I felt I had to attend every class that was interesting to me.


You cant do everything at RootsTech!

I overloaded my schedule and was very tired at the end of the day. This year I have also set up my schedule in the RootsTech app, but I am prioritizing which classes are essential to me, and which ones are not. If you don’t know me, I deal with a wide range of disabilities. Last year I did too much and had to take a week to recover. It is tempting to do that this year as well because I am reporting for the newspaper. But I know to not do that.


Get Your Room Early! You will thank me later!

It might be too late for this tip this year but for next year do this thing. Book your hotel when the rate when the rate becomes publicly known by the convention staff. I’m staying at the Marriott across the street from the convention the days of the convention. I feel that this is going to help me out a lot. It looks like the Marriott is a very snazzy place to stay, and it will also be a relief that when things conclude for the day, I can relax so close. I’m going out there two days early to do interviews and other events. And that hotel is a little bit further away. But for the convention, I think it’s essential to stay as close as possible.


Last year I paid so much in taxi fees. So I’m happy to save money on that this year. And the rate is amazing. The last thing that I want to talk about is your health. I think that is a recurring theme throughout my blog post today. But I want to tell you to bring extra money. Some people say this is for the exhibit hall. But I want to say that you should do this not to just buy things in the exhibit hall, but for emergencies as well. If it were not for some angels, who helped me last year I probably would have been in the hospital.


In Conclusion

So, in conclusion, I hope to see you at RootsTech this year. I’m excited because of the themes throughout RootsTech. I’m buying a daishiki to get decked out for Friday. I want to thank everyone who is making this a reality for me. I still need help, and you could help me by going to the website below. I also want to ask you all to keep a lookout for me. Make sure that I’m on top of my health during the event.

My Go Fund Me Page to Help Me Attend This Year!


And I will keep you posted on my article for the Denver Urban Spectrum.

My First Article on RootsTech

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