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The Industry of Genealogy Has Blessed Me

Grateful for the blessings of the industry.

I am blessed! Today for Thankful Thursday I want to talk about the genealogy community as a whole. I am a relative newbie when it comes to genealogy. Even though I have done personal research for the past 18 years for my family history, I’ve only been seeking this as a profession for the past few years. As a blogger, I started writing about genealogy over a year ago on my blog eat pray turnup. I’ve since decided to dedicate this blog strictly to genealogy.


So as I write these words, I have extreme appreciation and gratitude for the genealogy community as a whole. People have come to me and guided me along the way. I have never seen a community support there own. Even though this is a new blog, people have decided to support the endeavor. People have agreed to be interviewed by myself for my blog and my podcast. I do not deserve as a newbie all the love that people are showing.


No Other Industry Has Blessed me so much.

I am done many things in my life as a career. I primarily was in the multilevel marketing field. And you would think in the field that focuses on sales performance that people would help each other. But they would not. Even in retail and other sales industries that I’ve ¬†worked in, it was a dog eat dog world. But genealogy has been a pleasure to be a part of. I think of my mentor, the people at FamilySearch, people from other conventions that have given me press credentials and more.


A promise was declared to me as a young man by my Aunt Roslyn this promise was that my “gift would make room for me and take me before great men” (Proverbs 18:16). Never before has this promise become apparent than now. It is mostly because of the great men and women in the genealogy field. It is giving me a desire to raise up a generation of genealogists to carry the torch. Because of this field and its generosity to me that I am founding the genealogy gangster foundation.


Sharing the blessings of the Industry to the Children.


I believe that children are the future. In many organizations, there are special initiatives to reach the youth. I see myself as a facilitator in connecting youth with those organizations. I want youth to know that genealogy is a viable hobby, and career path. It is taught me to realize the potential of education when youth learn the art of genealogy.


In Closing You Have Blessed Me!

So for this Thankful Thursday, I want to thank everyone who has been kind to me. Whether in deeds, education, or even financially. I hope to leave a legacy of youth energized by the field of genealogy in your honor.

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