Tuesday Tip: Using Google Drive to Collaborate

Using Google Drive to Collaborate

Tuesday Tip Series

I’ve been thinking about the future and where I want to take my blogs in the next year. I have decided that I wish to make this a full time career and so I will strive to make a post every day Monday through Friday and so Tuesday will be a tip series. Working with others in your family is an amazing way to get genealogy work done. With the advent of computers and file sharing it has become easier than ever. I personally like to upload pictures, files, screenshots, shatever I come across to help me with my genealogy.

Applying this Tip as a Professional Genealogist

Even if your not working on your own genealogy did you know that you can have your clients upload documents to a shared google drive? This is a great way to break through brick walls in peoples genealogy having entire families deposit items in Google Drive or One Box. I think people sometimes ignore the free tools out there that are available to them. And what’s even better is google drive is browser based. It will work on Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome to Safari. No matter the type of computer someone is running it can be used.

How To Use Google Drive for Collaborations

  1. Sign up for an account at http:/drive.google.com its free and easy to do and only takes a second. If you already have a google drive it will be even faster to do this step.
  2. Set Up Your Google Drive
    My Google Drive Folder - Tuesday Tip
    My Google Drive



  3. Create a shared folder.
  4. Add Files To the Folder.
  5. Voila your ready to collaborate with others as they upload files to the folder and you upload files.
    How to share a folder. - Tuesday Tips
    How to share a folder. – Tuesday Tips









I know that if you apply the techniques above you can work with others to further your genealogy. I also know this can be done with one drive if you prefer. Maybe next Tuesday I will show how we can do the same thing via one drive or drop box.






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