About the Genealogy Gangster

About the Genealogy Gangster

The Genealogy Gangster
The Genealogy Gangster Himself

I am not a member of a gang. I am not a member of organized crime. I use the term gangster to say that i get gangster on my genealogy. My name is Kenny Green and i am hoping to reach a new generation of African Americans for genealogy. This blog which has been started as one of the reincarnations of my other blog Eat Pray Turn Up is strictly focused on genealogy.

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My Roots

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And as such i got into genealogy early when i discovered the doctrines of salvation for the dead. This blog is not here to preach to you but i’m merely introducing myself and how i got into this thing called genealogy.

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When i discovered that i could find my ancestors i had a severe desire to do so. I wanted to know where i came from and so the hunt went on.

Elder Green of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Elder Green of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Why i started this blog!

Once i found the beginning of my maternal (mothers side) line i really fell in love with genealogy. I served a mission for my church twice helping others with genealogy. And when i started my blog i wanted to help others with thiers. But i believe i wrote about too much stuff on one spot and that’s why i wanted to start this blog. I wanted to present Genealogy from an African American perspective. And so here i go launching the Genealogy Gangster blog! I hope you like it! I hope you can learn some things from it and find your own ancestors. I know that when you do you will have a respect for where you come from. I know you will have a love for your family. And you will feel more connected to those who made it possible for you to be here!