My Local Tribe today on Tribal Tuesday series on Genealogy Gangster

My Local Tribe Genealogy Gangster

My Local Tribe today on Tribal Tuesday series on Genealogy Gangster

By Kenneth Green

My Local Tribe Inspiration

Greeting’s my friends. I did not write last week because of a lot of things that are going on in my life. For once I want to talk about people I know directly. I wanted to talk about my local tribe. For the past few month’s I have been talking about my famous tribe members. But in honor from what I learned in the Denver Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at our annual stake fair, I wanted to change things up.

A picture of my local Relative Finder Connections!
A picture of my local Relative Finder Connections!

Putting Relative Finder to work locally.

Our stake has created a group on Relative Finder to help people see who they are related to in the Denver, Colorado stake. I was surprised to find that I had people in my own local congregation that were my relatives. The first person I want to talk about is my 12th cousin Taylor Bluth. This guy is super awesome. As my home teacher, he has been a huge support to me and my wife during hard times. When my wife was bitten by a pit bull he rushed me to the hospital and helped me give her a blessing. He has an amazing sense of humor and his wife Jayde is super cool as well. I really enjoy knowing him.

Stake Leaders in my local tribe.

The First Stake Leader I want to talk about is our former stake president Richard Millet. He is a phenomenal speaker. And one thing I felt about him was the spirit about him. He had a way of speaking directly to the heart which is a quality that cant be taught. I really do feel he was called of God.

The Second Stake Leader is our current Stake President Peter Krumholz. Now I discovered that I am not directly related to him but his amazing wife. The relative finder lists their son Thomas as my 11th cousin four times removed through his mother Lyssa Krumholz. I am so grateful for this whole entire family. The President leads with such quiet strength, and he is willing to do anything to help people. Earlier this year when a General Authority came we got placed on a list for a personal visit from him and Elder Rulon Stacey of the Seventy. His wife always asks how my family is doing and she is super genuine.


My Life Saver is also in a Local Tribe.

The third leader I want to talk about is one I haven’t had contact with in a while. His name is Douglas Perry. He was a counselor in a bishopric of the YSA Maplewood Ward I was a long time member of. This man hold’s a very special place in my heart. He maintained contact with me when I was forced to live with my aunt and uncle after my mission. My aunt and uncle did not allow me to go to the church of my choice because of their beliefs as pastors that the LDS church was just a cult.

So I placed my name on a waiting list for the current apartments I live in. And when my name came up I had to get a deposit and rent in a 24 hour period. Brother Perry reached out to my church leaders and via fast offering funds, they got me this place to stay. And Brother Perry did the risky thing of picking me and my stuff up on the day I left my aunt and uncle house. He essentially helped move me. He may not know the thing that he has done is the reason I am where I am today, independent, married and living the quality of life that God wanted me to live.

In Conclusion

I want to thank you all for taking time to read this article. Also want to point you to an amazing event that I will be covering for my blog this Saturday, the 50th Anniversary of the Denver Stake Family History Center. I will share the letter from the Denver Stake Presidency with information on the event below.

Denver Stake Presidency Letter about the Golden Anniversary Open House!

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

During 2017, the Denver Colorado Stake Family History Center is celebrating its Golden Anniversary—50 years of family history. As part of that celebration, you are invited to an open house on October 14th, to be held at the Denver Colorado Stake Center from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Local Tribe Dennis Brimhall Picture
Dennis Brimhall and Sister Brimhall
Former Stake President of the Denver Colorado Stake
Former CEO of Family Search

Dennis and Linda Brimhall will be our featured speakers. Brother Brimhall previously served as the Managing Director of the Church Family History Department and the CEO of FamilySearch International. Prior to that assignment, he and Sister Brimhall served as President and companion over the Kentucky Lousiville Mission. Brother Brimhall has also served as President of the Denver Colorado Stake.

We will have break out classes throughout the morning. Topics will include:

– Writing an effective and interesting life history
– Apps connected to FamilySearch
– Growing your tree through sources and hints
– Planning a family history trip
– Memories—adding the heart to family history
– DNA 101
– Why do we index and how?
– Searching books, catalogs, and the wiki of FamilySearch

In addition, we will have numerous displays, discovery activities for children, and a photo booth for family photos. And yes, there will be cake.

We invite you to come join us in this celebration. Bring your families and catch the vision of temple and family history work as we look forward to the next fifty years.

Our Last Motivation Tuesday


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