Tribal Tuesday – My Cousin the King of Rock and Roll – Elvis Presley

Tribal Tuesday – My Cousin the King – Elvis Presley

By Kenneth Green

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“My Cousin the King of Rock and Roll! Elvis Presley”


All Hail the King

To do my research on Elvis, i started watching some documentary movies. I must say I am in awe of the man he was. I did not know much about Elvis. Sure I had heard of him, and as a disc jockey, i’ve been asked to play some of his songs at events. But when I found out that we were distant cousins I wanted to research him. I admire him for several reasons. Was he a perfect man? No, no one is perfect. But he had a love of God in him that was instilled at an early age. Also, the thing I liked best was his duty to country.


Early Life

Elvis Aaron Presley had a very sheltered life. HIs mother played a controlling part on him. That is something I know all too well as my great aunt who raised me was old school and did the same things. He had a love for his family, and they sacrificed for him as well. I love how much he loved his family. That was evident because of his brother dying and how personally Elvis took that. Even with all the success that came, he felt he killed off his brother in the womb because of taking too much of his mother’s nutrients, etc.


Elvis the King is Made

He began his career at a small record label called Sun Records. Being from Memphis, it was an obvious choice for him. One thing that I hate about his story is how people used and abused him. When he came under the management of Colonel Tom Parker, he skyrocketed to the top as a musician, but I feel he was taken advantage of by this manager. Still, his records became great hits! He was seen as a rebel of his day, and many people did not allow him to perform there. Even a light night show host stated that he would never be on his show. That would change when the Colonel helped shape his image to be more family friendly.


Elvis the Movie Star

Elvis sang beautifully. I am now a fan of his music. Sleeping on his music in the past I’m glad I did this article and had time to research him. Elvis was multi talented. He never entered movies on his own volition because he did not believe he had talent. But many others including the Colonel saw his potential and had him do pictures. On the screen, he became a star overnight. The Colonel was smart in having Elvis record music and be released with the movie causing him to top music charts and sell more movies. His later movies were not as good though, but you could not deny his star power!


Seargent Elvis Aaron Presley

Presley was drafted into the United States Army during World War Two. I respect him a lot because I think with his money and connections he could have gotten out of service. But Elvis wanted to serve his country, and he did not want to be treated like a star. He came into the Army like everyone else and demanded the same treatment as any other G.I. As a GI he served as a driver in Germany where he would meet his one day wife Priscilla Presley. He courted her while she was very young and she would end up moving to his house in America waiting until she was twenty-one to be wed to the singer. Elvis’s time in the military would prove costly, while a G.I. he lost his mother and became addicted to various prescription pills. These things would trigger his downfall.


The End of his Life

His star power would be his undoing as he cheated on Priscilla with various starlets and girls on tour. That would cause a divorce which combined with prescription medication sent him on a downward spiral. He wound up obese and lost his life due to drug use. It seems that the kings of music, for instance, Elvis and Michael Jackson would pay with their lives for drug use. No matter how he died, you cannot deny that he is the King of Rock and Roll. He was the icon of an era, and the world misses him!


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