Tribal Tuesday – A literary Giant and Christian Apologist C.S. Lewis

Tribal Tuesday – A Literary Giant – Apologist and Author C.S. Lewis

By Kenneth Green

I am excited to talk about a literary giant who inspires me today. CS Lewis was probably the best writer of his generation. His broad subject matter is something that I admire and respect. Not only could he hold his own against the theology giants of his day but he also could write works of fiction that still entertain generations till this very day. I’m also excited that he is my eleventh cousin, so it’s not a couple of steps removed etcetera, but he is an actual direct cousin according to Relative Finder.

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Early Life of CS Lewis

I’m excited to be related to him because it is a tie to the island of Ireland. He was born in Belfast at the end of the eighteen nineties (1898). His father was an Englishman who came to the island as a solicitor, and his mother Fiona (which I think that name ROCKS) was the daughter of a Church of Ireland Priest.I love a story that is told about CS how he acquired the name, Jack. Jacksie was his dog that he had as a child that was killed. And out of love for his dog, he declared that his name was now Jacksie. He was later talked into shortening the name to Jack which he was called by his friends almost till the day he died.

England Bound

He was deeply into Norse and Greek mythology because of his Irish upbringing. However, he  was able to grow closer to God once in England. I can imagine the culture shock that he was under when he entered England. He was a brilliant young lad who joined his alma matter Oxford in 1917. He would later teach with tenure at Oxford and Cambridge. One of the things that I love about CS Lewis is his struggles with faith.

Atheist CS Lewis

CS Lewis was an Athiest as a teen ager and very staunchly so. As someone who has had struggles with faith, this is not concerning to me. I am so grateful for God bringing me to where I am. But in the past year or so I’ve had a huge battle with religion. He delved into the occult before he wound up as an Atheist. However, God began to reach and influence him later in his life through university friend and fellow writer Tolkien, and he came back to Jesus Christ. Not only did he come back to Jesus Christ but he wrote many of the apologetics texts that are still used by Protestant Christianity till this day!


Kidney Issues

I also identify with CS Lewis because of my battle with Kidney failure. His kidney illnesses were different than mine, but I can understand what he went through. He ended up dying by his kidney issues and I know one day I may pass from mine. For more information on my struggles with Renal failure check out my blog on the issue at I am thankful to have a literary giant in my family, and I hope that I can just be one percent of who he is. I am looking forward to next weeks issue. And I ask that you check out a few of my past matters that were a lot of fun!

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