The Future of Genealogy Gangster

The Future of Genealogy Gangster

I need to get organized so I have a future!

The future is so bright! I have discovered that I have been doing my blogging all wrong. I have not been consistent and when I post articles. Learning online about how efficient blogs operate I am deciding to change my modus operandi. Instead of trying to have many blog posts each week I will only focus onto blogging prompts. The first prompt that I plan to focus on is the tribal Tuesday brand that I’ve started previously. I have put together a very efficient blogging editorial calendar via Google Calendar that has blogging prompts ready for me for many weeks to come.

Family and Friends Friday

Blogging prompt number two will be the Family and Friends Friday Blog series. Except it will not just be about my friends and family, this heading will be my catch-all for topics that I want to discuss. In coming weeks we will be discussing technology, how to find a genealogist, how you can do genealogy research on the cheap and much more!  I also and looking to take on an apprentice to teach what my friend Thomas taught me.

Focusing my Energies

I realize that I need to focus all of my energies on my blogs.  I think that I get to scatterbrain and that is One of my problems.  When I am scatterbrained, I’m not able to focus, and all of my websites suffer. This lesson is not only applicable to my work on my blogs but other areas of my life. The organization is something that I lack, and so I sat down today and took my sweet time getting my blogs organized. I have decided to stick to my blogs and not try direct marketing again. I will never make money on my blogs if I give up quickly, and doing direct marketing or network marketing was me giving up on my writing.

Accountability to my Fans in the Future!

God gave me this gift, and so I am going to be accountable to him for it. I apologize to all of my friends who have read my blog lately. It is very sad and in need of some care. The first thing I did was to change how it looked. While I liked how it looked before, my desire is to become a true genealogy professional, and so I needed a professional theme for my blog.

In other News on my Website!

In other news, I plan on bringing my Podcast back as a once a month thing. Look for it starting next month on the Friends and Family Blog Post the First Friday of each month. In closing, I want to thank everyone, my friends in the genealogy community, for supporting my dream. I want to thank my beloved wife who never complains and always supports my vision. God had truly blessed me when he made a wife like you Rachel. I am amazed at how much you love and take care of me. I am thankful to all of my friends in church who support the vision.

We need your help and support!

I am hoping to hire on one more writer shortly here. If you can help support my vision, please check out my PayPal page at and I thank you for visiting it ahead of time. I plan on redesigning the shirts I want to have made and will be offering those in the coming future. Thank you for all of your support and sharing my blog posts with the world! I will see you this Tuesday as we discuss my ancestor, Clyde Barrow 😊 And maybe I’ll talk about Bonnie as well! I am excited to be able to talk about him, he is a true gangster! Take care and have a great weekend!

My Tribal Tuesday Post for Last Week

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