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The Future of Genealogy Gangster

The Future of Genealogy Gangster

The Future of Genealogy Gangster

As I read my mentors words on Facebook about shutting down the Geneabloggers website a part of me wondered if I should keep operating this site. I’m sorry for those who have been waiting while I’ve been thinking, but I need to make sure that I wanted to continue putting energy into this. This has been very tough to gauge with me because I felt that God was calling me to a different area. Certainly, at the church, he has with my call as Ward Mission Leader. It is a unique time in genealogy, while it’s becoming more of a household topic with such shows on TLC, etc. Thomas has seen a decline in the use of blogs because of people sharing on Facebook.

The Plan for our Future!

There is still a need, though I believe that I could probably reach the youth better via Facebook and other means. However I will keep this blog operational, I will post one update a week on Thursdays. It will be under the Thankful Thursday blog prompt. But it won’t be just about me giving thanks but a variety post that can include whatever topic I want to talk about. To reach African Americans (the purpose of this blog), i am going to do once a month webinars offering training of a different topic each month. I also want to announce the Genealogy Gangster Ezine which I will publish once every quarter (3 months) our first edition will come out in September and be issued once every three months from then.

We Need Your Support!

We need your help to continue this mission. Please consider giving a donation big or small to us at PayPal either via our email which is ken@genealogygangster.com or via our Paypal Me Page which is at http://paypal.me/downtowngreens

Dr. Kenneth Green D.D. MDiv was born in Denver, Colorado to two developmentally disabled adults. Fighting just to overcome the regular things that others take for granted. He is now dedicated to showing people how to overcome in their lives. Holding a Bachelors of Christian Ministry, a Masters of Divinity and a Doctorate of Divinity from Missionary Chapel Seminary. This man was never supposed to even graduate high school. But he has overcome all these things only through the grace of God! And he lives to give all glory to God! His passion for Genealogy started when he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1999. He had a desire to find his family. Working to find his ancestors he has fallen in love with the genealogy field as a career and is dedicated to teaching this art to the next generation. A proud member of the Constitution First Amendment Press Association and holds press credentials from there.

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