Richard Holt of the American Revolutionary War! Family Patriarch and proud immigrant from England!

Richard Holt of the American Revolutionary War

Who is Richard Holt to me?

Richard Holt is my Great x4 Grandfather on my father’s family. I have been so blessed the past few weeks. For the longest time, I had no connection to my father’s kin. And because of a reader of this website telling my story to her mother who is a genealogist who found my ancestor Vincent and Beatrice Holt I was able to unlock my father’s family history. I am so grateful to Jane Holiday and how she has blessed my life in an amazing way!

Richard Holt the Man

My ancestor was born in Eccles, Lancashire, England in the year seventeen forty. Not much is known about his immigration to the united states (still tracking that down) what I do know is he settled in the area around Snow Creek, Henry County, Virginia. Mr. Holt more than likely fought in the American Revolutionary war which makes me extremely proud. Because of his connection, I now know that I have had ancestors fight in every war the United States has been involved in.

The American Patriarch of the Holt Family

From this man, my line begins on my father’s side of the family. It is more than likely that he owned slaves and enjoyed a slave master’s prerogative back in those days. No, it is not okay in my eyes. Much of my ancestry is very ugly and it really infuriates me what some of these slave masters did to their slaves. HOWEVER, i can appreciate and be thankful that I have his blood coursing through my veins.

The Calling to find my Family

Finding my family has been a huge passion for me. I needed to know who I am and where I hail from. Finding this branch of my family has brought more joy to me because I know that even though some of my ancestors were not the best of people, they can be forgiven in the other side. They will also have a chance to receive the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Sorry, i got preachy, but I needed to clarify to my readers why I was so dedicated to finding my family. I believe that they deserve a chance at the ordinances of the gospel that my living family has.

Roots in England

And so I am on a grand journey to find my English family. On my mother’s side I discovered that I am a part Scottish (which I think is uber cool because I’m related to Robert the Bruce), but now I’m able to appreciate my English ancestry. And God willing next year I and my wife will be able to go on a genealogy exploration trip to the United Kingdom if the Lord tarries and if he wills.

In Conclusion

I am super blessed and stand all amazed that I get to descend from a rich tapestry of ancestors. I also have discovered I have extended family I am reaching out to on FamilySearch in my church which could be a huge boon for me. Ancestry.Com has been a HUGE blessing to me! I can’t wait to be able to do more work for my father’s family! I love my history! Be proud of who you are and never be ashamed of where you come from. I feel honored that I had someone who fought to help establish this great country of ours! Makes me want to fight for rights for the African-American sector of Richard’s family!

For more details on my ancestor Richard Holt check him out on my Ancestry Family tree by clicking here!

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