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Denton’s of Marion Kansas – Family and Friend’s Friday

Denton’s of Marion Kansas – Family and Friend’s Friday

Family and Friends Friday: The Denton’s of Marion Kansas

When I think of my ancestors I never thought we would be a part of the state of Kansas. I knew that most likely we were southerners. But what I am discovering is the generation of my father’s family after slavery decided to move to what was then the Kansas territory to an area called Marion, Kansas. I am interested in organizing a day trip to Marion to see where my ancestors lived and established a living. My 2nd Great Grandfather Monroe Holt was one of these people that moved to the area in Kansas.


Grandpa Denton the Progenitor of the Line

Monroe was born in the early eighteen hundreds in South Carolina. I am working on taking down the plantation in South Carolina where the Dentons were slaves. I want to organize a trip there as well since my brother Leon now lives there. But I am excited to learn of where my father’s people came from. So the Denton’s moved to Kansas somewhere around the eighteen sixties. Monroe had several children in Kansas. He had six children in total, one of those children was great grandpa Vincent who moved his family to Missouri at the turn of the 1900’s. His daughter Bertha Mae Holt would move her family to the predominately Caucasian area of Boulder, Colorado where my line was born.


Were not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!

I am so grateful to the genealogy community. I would never have guessed we had a history in the next state over, Kansas. I would never have known where Marion came from and have a chance of unlocking the Denton family records from beyond those times as well as I trace the Caucasian ancestry on that side of my family. I know this is a short Family and Friends Friday post. But I wanted to share some exciting news in my genealogy research and what I hope will be a summer of travel and vlogging for you all as I connect with my family once more! God Bless You and thanks for reading!!


The Denton Family first appeared in my blog here!

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