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Tuesday Tip Day – Using the Freedmen Bureau Records


As an African American, I am so grateful for the Freedmen’s Bureau Records that were indexed last year by tons of volunteers. These records provide crucial details on those persons who lived through the slavery era of our country and received support and services after the emancipation proclamation.


How Does One Get Access To These Records?


These records are online and can be found at where you can search records and learn more about the era and time that our ancestors went through. I love how clean this website appears to be and how easy it is to search for these records. I want to thank FamilySearch for organizing this effort and website.


So I’m on the Website, now what?

You will need the name of an ancestor that lived as close to slavery as possible. The website is amazingly simple and only requires you to have a first and last name. So I suggest you do a bit of research on your own before you come to the website.


Discover Freedmen - Start Your Search Now!
Discover Freedmen – Start Your Search Now!


It’s important to do your own research first!

Discover Freedmen Search Results
Discover Freedmen Search Results

FamilySearch probably does not want me saying this because they want you to come to the website. However, I have found in my own research that it’s best to have an idea on your own of who your ancestor is before you come to the website. As you can see a search for a great grandfather of mine has turned up a lot of answers. I would want to make sure that I have some information so I can narrow down the search and eliminate those who would not fit.


What information should you have?

If you can you should have the name of your ancestor you will be performing the search for. Once you have those words you should be able to narrow down where they may have lived either as a slave or after slavery. Having those details will help you narrow down the long list of results.

Discover Freedmen - FamilySearch Record Result
Discover Freedmen – FamilySearch Record Result


Happy Hunting!

I hope you do visit discover freedmen today and begin the search for your ancestors. I want to again thank FamilySearch and Thom Reed for heading up this project! I’m excited and look forward to finding my ancestors there!

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