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The Family Greene

The Family Greene

The Family Greene

I want to talk more about my family, the Greene Family! Evaluating all of the ancestors in my family tree are the one that provides the most mystery is closely is my grandfather. I have Artie done a blog post on him, but the more I research the more interesting he becomes. I am perplexed by the fact that our surname has changed. My research this coming April will be centered on the Green family surname. Somewhere along the way, it was decided that it would be better that we drop the E on the end of our name instead of keeping it. our family to this day utilize the last name without the E on the end.

Serving an Ungrateful Nation

My grandfather served in World War II and Korea in the United States Army Corps of Engineers. He Is buried at Fort Logan cemetery in Denver, Colorado. He passed on before my grandmother, who shortly joined him in death. I am working on unlocking the mystery of the Green family via ancestry.com I will state that i am amazingly proud to be the descendant of a war veteran. As someone who fought in the war on terror it does me proud to not be the first to enlist in service in the United States Military.

We must begin to chart and keep an accurate history of our families. I think the saddest part of being apart of my family is the lack of oral traditions being passed down. If there is one thing that i can stress to my friends who read this page is to keep up with your family histories and catologue them so that you can pass them down to future generations. Passing them on will help you know where you come from, and i believe give you a sense of purpose and dignity. We are a composite of our ancestors. I believe they live with us still always being close to us on the other side of the veil.

Tracking the Family Greene

It makes me proud that my grandfather served an ungrateful nation. The nation was a hotbed of racial prejudice at the height of my grandfather’s military service. And the fact that he believed in democracy and freedom so much that he fought for it anyway gives me inspiration and motivation to fight for freedom.

In Conclusion

If you can help me with any information on Greene’s from Virginia or Tennessee please let me know. You can find out more on Daniel by clicking here.


Dr. Kenneth Green D.D. MDiv was born in Denver, Colorado to two developmentally disabled adults. Fighting just to overcome the regular things that others take for granted. He is now dedicated to showing people how to overcome in their lives. Holding a Bachelors of Christian Ministry, a Masters of Divinity and a Doctorate of Divinity from Missionary Chapel Seminary. This man was never supposed to even graduate high school. But he has overcome all these things only through the grace of God! And he lives to give all glory to God! His passion for Genealogy started when he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1999. He had a desire to find his family. Working to find his ancestors he has fallen in love with the genealogy field as a career and is dedicated to teaching this art to the next generation. A proud member of the Constitution First Amendment Press Association and holds press credentials from there.

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