Thankful for Macintosh Technology

Thankful for new Macintosh Technology

A Macintosh Newbie

Greetings and salutations! It has been a while since the last time I blogged. I missed you all dearly. As I write this I do so on my new MacBook Pro. At genealogy conferences, I see a sea of MacBook’s being used. And I always wondered why genealogists and bloggers used that technology over PC. I have already had this technology for one day and I can already tell the huge difference. As far as being a blogger goes I’m able to blog directly using the Macintosh WordPress at which is something that is not yet available for Windows devices. As a genealogist, I am finding that the computer is just more user-friendly and the browser is a lot more functional than Microsoft edge, chrome or even Firefox. However, you can use any of the above-mentioned browsers on Macintosh I just have become a safari man myself.


Why do you use Macintosh?

So, I want to ask all of you why do you use Macintoshes? What is the appeal to these machines? I know I love the music factor 10 times more than my PC laptop. The music is so crisp and loud I just love it! However, I did not buy this just to listen to music, it’s a good reason to keep it, however, I did not buy it for that purpose. So, I also want to delve into the strengths of the machine as a blogger and content creator. As a blogger, this has made my blogging efforts 20 times easier! I don’t know how I blogged before today! Having a MacBook has made it so easy to write this blog post effortlessly and with these. It also has tools native to the machine that I’m used to paying for monthly! Software like dictate and others.


Macintosh Recommendations

I believe it is going to help me communicate more effectively with people that I interview via Skype and email than my old PC. As a genealogist, I find it very easy to use which is a huge training to our aging corps of genealogists! My grandmother, if she were still alive, could probably sit down and operate a Macintosh with ease. So, I recommend that computer systems over PC for our aging genealogists any day of the week. But even for the young bucks like myself, there are plenty of uses that McIntosh brings. If you are a person like myself who considers themselves their families chroniclers then this computer will help a time. Working with photos and videos are a breeze with these computers!


Give Me Your Opinion!

What are programs that you like to use on Macintosh? Send me an email or hit me up in the comments below and tell me which programs are a must for genealogy work on Macintoshes. One last thing that I will touch on that I’m grateful for is face time. Facetime is an application that allows you to communicate via video with other people. This is not a new concept and I even touched on the fact that I will use this computer for Skype. However, one thing about face time on Macintosh that I love is being able to talk to my wife who has the program on her cell phone. I don’t like Apple phones but I’m considering making the switch to an Apple phone for business purposes so that it works with my Macintosh. Having a computer that works with your phone wirelessly is something important to me. For instance, if I put an appointment on my phone in the android calendar app I want to be able to view my appointments via computer and now via my Amazon fire TV. I look forward to feedback from you on what makes Macintosh so great

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