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Clara H Gustaffason The Mystery Woman – Family and Friends Friday

Clara H Gustaffason The Mystery Woman – Family and Friends Friday

 Clara H. Gustaffason

The Mystery Woman

As I begin my blog post for my Family and Friends Friday Article, I wanted to look outside just myself for other relatives that I want to meet. This article won’t be a very long post because I’m still in the hospital. However, I wanted to keep up with the routine of blogging. So as I began to look at my wife’s family tree, I saw a mystery person.

A Change of Pace

Clara H. Gustafson is as far back in my wife’s genealogy from her mother that I’ve gotten. I’m proud of my work on my wife’s paternal genealogy. But her mother’s side is still a mystery. Clara was born on January 18 in the mid-1830s. Her records have her born in Sandsya Sweden. But my research does not show that place is existing. It is a mystery to me because I’m into the Scandinavian culture.

I’ve always dreamed of being married to someone from that culture. Tales of Viking’s, Norse God’s and their fearlessness on the battlefield have always intrigued me. One of my favorite shows on PBS is new Scandinavian cooking, and I have a desire to visit there before I die. So now I have even more reasons to respect and love the culture. She was 24 years old when she was married.

Clara and Adolph Sitting In a Tree!!

She was married to Adolph Gustafsson in Porter Indiana in 1860’s. Her and Adolph have a host of children. The last one haven was brought into the world in 1879. Clara was among 800,000 people that emigrated from Sweden to the United States. I also want to meet her to find out why her family immigrated from Sweden to the United States; she was survived by her husband who passed on in Quincy Massachusetts. He was 90 years old when he passed in 1926. My wife has a very rich legacy on her father’s side having been born from a very noble French family. It is her mother’s side that is the mystery to me. I hope after Black History month to do more reporting on my wife’s maternal side of the family.

In Conclusion


We have some very exciting things coming up next week. Today for my podcast I will be interviewing Kenyatta Berry which is very exciting for me. Next week I’ll be interviewing another speaker for the NERGC event as well. After that, we have RootsTech! I look forward to seeing you all there. Talk to you soon!

Some information about my Scottish Ancestry!

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