Thankful for Awesome Advances in DNA Studies | Thankful Thursday

Thankful for Awesome Advances in DNA Studies

A little bit different of a posting today!

Today’s Thankful Thursday blog article will be a little bit different than normal. Today I sit in the hospital, a day after surgery. I’m thankful that God has been here with me. The genealogy community has reached out in ways that amazes me. I’ve had an outflow of emails and messages wishing me to get better.

I’m proud to report that I should be fully ready for RootsTech this coming February. As I sit here I’m reminded of the physical significance of genealogy. As I look over my 23 me DNA ┬áresults I really respect the health implications that it shows. The genealogical industry is not just about history but can also help families prepare for diseases.


Thankful for DNA Studies

I look at my father’s DNA and I see a lot of my health issues in him. I wish that I paid more attention to this in the past. Had I done so I think that I could have staved off some of the health problems that I deal with. If you have not yet done a DNA test I suggest getting either 23 and me, or ancestry for the health benefits alone.

Today’s blog post will not be up to full standard because of where I am. But I promise that I will be back on the horse next week. I also hope to put out a blog post tomorrow but that depends on medical procedures today and tests. If I do make a blog post tomorrow I plan to continue talking about my Ancestry and clan Bruce, clan Leslie, and the noble Butts family. Thank you for reading today! I appreciate you being on my blog.

In Conclusion

Even I am where I am I want you to know there’s always someone who has it worse than you look for ways to help others and be positive. When we help others we are being they hands of God. And that’s what’s important!!

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