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My Awesome Ancestors In Clan Bruce | Family and Friends Friday

My Awesome Ancestors In Clan Bruce | Family and Friends Friday

My Awesome Ancestors in Clan Bruce

Am i related to Robert the Bruce?

Today I want to delve deeper into my Scottish ancestry. I discovered that I am related to Clan Bruce. My mother is the daughter of Laura Butts who is the daughter of Lassie Butts, who is the daughter of Jacob Chivers Butts Junior. Who is the son of Jacob C Butts who is the son of Solomon Butts senior who is the son of Henry Butts, who is the son of Elizabeth Jane Ann Bruce.

A picture showing how i descend from Elizabeth Bruce

A picture showing how i descend from Elizabeth Bruce


It is her my six great-grandmother or one of my six great-grandmothers that I wish to discuss deeper today. This woman was born in 1605 lived a short life until the year 1642. She married Robert Butt in Gloucester  England. I have reason to believe that she was of the noble line. Her mother pills from Clan Leslie and her husband from the noble Butts family.

Braveheart is now one of my favorite movies!

I think of the noble scene from Braveheart where Robert the Bruce charges the line of the king of England. I was shocked and surprised when I found out that I had an ancestor who was possibly of that line. So I began to do my research on her and discovered some interesting things. Clan Leslie is a very prestigious Scottish clan. Clan Bruce maintains nobility status even today.


They maintain a current membership in the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. Our current chief is Andrew Bruce the 11th Earl of Elgin. He is a convener of that council. There were many prestigious members of this family including ambassadors to the Ottoman Empire, Gov. Gen. of the province of Canada, viceroys of India and even English Judicial Master of the Rolls.

I envision myself sometimes as nobility!

I love finding out this about my history because I love medieval times. Even when I played in role-playing games, I always chose characters that were nobility. I sometimes had dreams of being a noble myself even today. I thought about buying one of those novelty nobility titles online even. Back to Elizabeth, she was born in Fife Scotland.


Which further illustrates my belief that she was nobility. That area was a noble seat of power in so important that the Earl of that area crowned kings of Scotland. The 17th century was an interesting period. Art, science, religion and politics ruled the day. European power centered in France, but other areas of the world are also growing in significance such as the Ottoman Empire.

Let’s Play the Year of Her Birth Game!

The year of her birth several interesting historical events happened. The gunpowder plot in England failed to blow up the House of Lords. Catholicism was the order of the day, as other faiths came under attack. The time of her birth is also around the time that Jamestown Virginia settlers arrived. I would have died to know this ancestor. I have a great desire to purchase a Clan Bruce Tartan.


In Conclusion


Is not known whether or not she was noble or not. However, I am led to believe that she was for her husband grandfather was a lord in England. I now have so much passion and motivation to connect to my European roots. After Black history month, I plan on doing a whole series on my European roots. I have such a great desire to tour the areas in Scotland and England from which I hail. I hope to save up for an eventual trip across the pond. Until then I desire to connect with other genealogists who specialize in European history to get a better understanding of my family and my European roots. Even though the European in our blood is only a small fraction, I feel proud to have it. Next month I will report on my African roots. But I wanted to touch on my European ones before I did so.

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