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How To Organize Yourself at Major Genealogy Conventions

How To Organize Yourself at Major Genealogy Conventions

How to Organize Yourself at Major Genealogy Conventions

Do you go to Genealogy Conventions? Are you like me? I am one of those persons who runs around like a chicken with his head cut off. Last year as i attended RootsTech i found that i had so many classes i wanted to go to that i was a train wreck. I would get back to the hotel each day and pass out because of how much information i had obtained. And if that was not bad enough there was the exhibit room and trying to vlog and blog the whole experience (check out www.onlinepositivity.com for some of last years posts)

Some Tips From Someone Who has Made the Mistakes

So now that i’ve been to a convention before and made the mistakes this year will be alot different. I will use THE convention to end all conventions as an example and that is RootsTech. This convention has so much to learn and do that its easy for you to go overboard or even injure onself. So here are some tips i have learned along the way.

1.) If the convention has an app, USE IT!

  • Roots Tech has a wonderful app. It has all of the classes listed on it and even allows you to organize your schedule. I find this to be a life saver. But dont just set up your schedule stick to it!

2.) Do not overload yourself.

  • It is very easy to overload yourself. Last year i was sick for a week when i got home. Pace yourself. Dont go to everything. I promise there will be folks that will keep you on the know. But take some time to enjoy yourself. If you find yourself tiring out there is no shame in going to your hotel room for a cat nap.

3.) Keep your nutrition up!

  • Not to knock the convention centers where we have these events. But most of the time even if its at a swanky hotel they serve junk for food. Go to local stores and get your own food. Carry nutrition bars and plenty of water with you. Not eating right plus being at a high pace and low sleep can cause some serious burn out and health risks. If your not taking care of yourself you wont enjoy the event or retain what you have learned!

Hope these tips have helped! Next week i’ll let you know my schedule for roots tech! I also still need help getting there. Please consider donating to helping me get there by clicking here.

Dr. Kenneth Green D.D. MDiv was born in Denver, Colorado to two developmentally disabled adults. Fighting just to overcome the regular things that others take for granted. He is now dedicated to showing people how to overcome in their lives. Holding a Bachelors of Christian Ministry, a Masters of Divinity and a Doctorate of Divinity from Missionary Chapel Seminary. This man was never supposed to even graduate high school. But he has overcome all these things only through the grace of God! And he lives to give all glory to God! His passion for Genealogy started when he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1999. He had a desire to find his family. Working to find his ancestors he has fallen in love with the genealogy field as a career and is dedicated to teaching this art to the next generation. A proud member of the Constitution First Amendment Press Association and holds press credentials from there.

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