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Help me find my lost great great grandmother.

Help me find my lost great great grandmother.

Help Me Find My Lost Great Great Grandmother

Mystery Monday?

Today i am happy to announce that i am launching a new series on this blog called Mystery Monday. I having a desire to blog and write almost daily have been looking for blogging prompts to implement on this blog. Today i am happy to announce i have decided to use monday to ask your help. I am not a perfect genealogist.

I have mysteries in my own genealogy and my own clients that have stumped me. And i want to turn to my fellow bloggers and other genealogists that may read my blog for assistance. And so i have launched Mystery Monday let’s get into it!

My Father’s Family

Because of my great aunt who raised me i did not have a connection with my father’s family. I was not allowed to even know who he was until my adolescence and until the end of his life. The first time i met my father’s family was at my father’s funeral in the late nineties.

Why the Mystery?

So lets fast forward to this decade. I had a desire last year to find my father’s family. So i started using various tools like Intellius to find living members of my father’s family. I unlocked many details about my immediate family but some sad news.

I found out that all of my fathers brothers and sisters were dead. All of my aunts and uncles were deceased. A family of six brothers and sisters and all of them dead. I discovered only I and my cousin Keith remained. But my cousin Keith was out of touch and i have had problems finding him. I am essentially alone.

Help me find my great great great grandparents?

Katie Denton was born in Tennessee in the late eighteen hundreds (we dont have a definite years.) we cannot find her marriage records so we do not know her maiden name. She was married to Abel Denton and between them they had my great grandfather Howard (whom my father was named after).

How would you go about finding Katie’s maiden name without census or marriage records? I am interested in hearing your ideas in the comments section below. I am so happy you have come to our new series and hope you can help me crack some of the biggest mysteries in my genealogy! So excited to connect with you all!

My Last Blog Post!


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