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How to remember details that will help you in your genealogy!

How to remember details that will help you in your genealogy!

How To Remember Details That Will Help You in Your Genealogy

Memory Joggers

This Tuesday tip day i wanted to get you thinking about your genealogy. Sometimes we overlook things that are right in front of us. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the research that we get frustrated. So first i wanted to give you some memory joggers and questioners that will help you start thinking outside of the box. Once i do that i will give you some tips on how to jot these things down you dig?

Here is the first one i use for all my clients. I will not do work for persons if they cannot commit to filling out this form. This process is done to weed out the insincere and also get them thinking of details they might forget. This comes from Roots Web so check it out!  I also like this one as well.  I would suggest you go with the first one from Rootsweb but if you need a shorter one then the second one should suffice.

Recording the Information

So now that you have those lists you need to record the data. I find that audio is the best way to do this. Every cellular device has a voice recording app unless you have an old flip phone. You can even upload this data to places like FamilySearch or one drive.

Once you have it recorded via voice you can then transcribe the audio information. I personally like the old method of just listening and typing. But Windows has a great service that allows for voice transcription. If you want to get gangster with your genealogy the name of the game is data collection. The more you have the easier your research will be.

In Closing

I was able to find data that i was missing by being dedicated to the process. Not wanting to get this data has set my research back years. I know that data collection seems very tedious. But i testify yes i testify that it will save you heartache in the long run if you just put in the time at the beginning.

We are now offering our genealogy gangster shirts again. Please be on the look out for this! Also if you can help please consider sending a donation to our rootstech fund either via paypal or gofundme (below)


Dr. Kenneth Green D.D. MDiv was born in Denver, Colorado to two developmentally disabled adults. Fighting just to overcome the regular things that others take for granted. He is now dedicated to showing people how to overcome in their lives. Holding a Bachelors of Christian Ministry, a Masters of Divinity and a Doctorate of Divinity from Missionary Chapel Seminary. This man was never supposed to even graduate high school. But he has overcome all these things only through the grace of God! And he lives to give all glory to God! His passion for Genealogy started when he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1999. He had a desire to find his family. Working to find his ancestors he has fallen in love with the genealogy field as a career and is dedicated to teaching this art to the next generation. A proud member of the Constitution First Amendment Press Association and holds press credentials from there.

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