Thankful Thursday: The Improved Ancestry Dot Com

The Improved Ancestry Dot Com

This thankful Thursday i wanted to bring up another tool i use on a weekly basis. Besides the Latter Day Saint Church i dont believe any other company has done as much for genealogy than Ancestry Dot Com. This company has constantly improved their game. The amount of databases and places they draw information from is dubfounding. I love how they are constantly adding to their repertoire. And with the addition of DNA testing i believe they are complete.  So in this article i will talk about some of my favorite features of this website.

The Leafs

Oh man the hints that they have are probably the most recognizable feature of Ancestry. A lot of people talk about this and it’s even a highlight in their commercials. They make discovering more details very simple. Simplicity is something that i value a ton. Especially when teaching genealogy to new people. I appreciate the fact that i can tell folks to click on the leaf to review possible matches and data on ancestors.

Census Data

Ancestry Home Page
Ancestry Home Page


Again i must give a slight nod to last week’s thankful Thursday. FamilySearch has alot of census records too. But i have found that Ancestry has more. I may be incorrect in this fact. But when it’s come to matches on my ancestors i feel that Ancestry just had more to offer me.




Integration with LDS Accounts

The last thing that i wish to talk about today is the fact that you can get a free account if you are a latter day saint. One thing that prevented me from doing this when i got started was the cost. The fact that as a latter day saint i have the equivalent of a world explorer membership as well as connectivity with FamilySearch makes temple work so easy for me to complete. The sharing of information between FamilySearch and Ancestry is flawless and i can do so easily on either website. I am truly thankful for and suggest you check it out today!

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