My Controversial Ancestor: Jacob C. Butts

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My Controversy in my Maternal Ancestor Jacob Chivers Butts

Today i wish to write about a ancestor of mine that has caused some controversy in my soul. Jacob C. Butts as he was better known was a ancestor of mine that cannot be confirmed by records but by my research into where my family where slaves and who the slave masters were in that county. The only Butts Slave Masters in Morgan Calhoun GA was that of Jacob Chivers Butts.

The Butts-Chivers family was aristocratic in DNA. From England this family descends from the Butts family that had several english knights, lords and esquires. He was born during an especially exciting time in American history.


It does me proud that we have had many warriors of the United States in my family. The first person is with great pride that i mention is Daniel Green Sr. who i wrote about in last week’s blog post. The next person is Jacob Chivers Butts Jr. who fought in the Civil War. Albeit for the wrong side, at least he fought for what he believed in. And now i talk about my great great great grandfather, Jacob Chivers Butts.


I am not sure his exact role in the Revolutionary war. But i am proud that he had a part in it. Being a native virginian i really wish to know him so i could know what unit he fought with. He died peacefully in Georgia so he must have survived the war. I bet your asking me how i know he was a revolutionary war figure? From an article in the Atlanta Constitution from 2 June 1893.

His son talked about his father and the line that he was an old time whig especially sticks out. Whigs were American colonists who supported the revolution. Was he a fighter? Did he just supply arms and money? I really wish to meet him because i want to know his role in the birth of this country.

The Farmer

Now not all of my questions for him if i meet him in the hereafter will not be all pleasant. He was a keeper of slaves. I am grateful that he only kept few. But he was an accomplished farmer not so much cotton as he only produced six or eight bale a year. But he was an animal farmer and butcher. This is the way he kept his family alive. The Butts Farm was over eight hundred acres.

I know my ancestors had to do back breaking work. But part of me is happy that my Maternal line looked after sheep, hogs, cattle, wheat, oats and corn. He had several sons who all went to war in the Civil War. So it was clear that my family believed in slaving and keeping that way of life to me.

I Forgive Him

I need to state that i forgive him with all of my heart. Some could say i am more fascinated than i am peeved at his racist ideology. In the end i believe he was a child of his time. I am proud of the small english blood that is in me. I am thankful that not everything is rosy in my family history. Yes he is controversial in his beliefs. Controversy surrounds anything as ugly as slavery. But i accept that as part of my story. And i forgive him fully.

I have learned alot from this research. I finally have a line that goes back into the dark ages. I want to know the story of his father’s journey from England to the New World. And i will be doing more research to find out!

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