Thankful Thursday: FamilySearch

Thankful Thursday: FamilySearch

I am starting a new series where i give thanks either to a resource or an ancestor etc. This week and for the first week i want to honor FamilySearch. I love this program and the fact that it’s free i feel it’s amazing. The program has evolved so much over the years. I remember the old family search which was a place to simply imput family history information. But as more and more information has been compiled the program has changed and offers many different resources for folks who are compiling family history information.

I served with FamilySearch for many years as a Support Missionary. That experience allowed me to get to know the program from the inside and out. I want to first express that FamilySearch is for more than just people who are in the LDS Church. When i talk to non mormons doing pro bono genealogy work i tell them to set up an account there first. Some people do not like this. Some people express that they believe FamilySearch is only for Mormons. This could not be further from the truth.

Free For All

While i believe that FamilySearch was created to help Mormons expedite our genealogical endeavours. our church has opened up this resource to all. It is free, you do not have to buy a subscription like ancestry dot com and others. And it could produce alot of information off the bat for Genealogical research. The Latter Day Saint Church i believe is the biggest genealogical organization in the world. But they have made all of thier vast resources availible to anyone who wants to use it. And even better we were trained as Church Service Missionaries as we were tech support for FamilySearch NOT to push our religion on people.

Resources Available

You can do research directly from your FamilySearch account. Once you create an account and begin to enter the information you do know the system will offer you hints. As your adding people it will search thousands of records and begin helping you find your ancestors or those of your clients.


They have added a resource called Memories. It is a repository of video, photo and audio. You can not only do research on your ancestors but record memories for posterity. I love the fact that its not just about records anymore. It is about people and thier memory.

Connected Apps

There are so many websites that work with FamilySearch. I love the fact that i can import data from FamilySearch to Ancestry Dot Com it is easy to share information. Feeling and  believing this feature alone is revolutionary. I love to work in ancestry and i love the fact that new ancestors and new finds can be directly placed into FamilySearch flawlessly.

Family Tree

I love how they organize the three different views. I use the circular view to find holes in Family trees. As a budding professional genealogist i love that i was able to use a helper ID to log in to my clients FamilySearch accounts/

I love this program and i believe it is one of the best out there. Check it out at FamilySearchDotCom

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