Wishful Wednesday: Daniel Greene Jr.

Wishful Wednesday: Daniel Greene Jr.

As i stated yesterday i am making it a goal for the coming year to blog every day except for Saturday and Sunday. So for Wednesday i am going to talk about an ancestor i wish i could have met the most. I am so stoked to talk about Daniel Greene Jr. This ancestor is my grandfather who was a veteran of the second world war.

The Patriarch

His family was HUGE. He had nine children with my grandmother Laura Green. My mother is the oldest of the tribe still alive. He was born in Knoxville Tennessee and was the son of Daniel Green. What i think is weird is the last name changes that has come about. My paternal great grandfather had a last name like myself with just being Green not Greene. But for some reason my grandfather added the E on his name.

What’s even more strange is that he had a son who is called Daniel Green, who had a son who recently passed away called Daniel Green Jr. Why did they not keep a continuity of names i do not know. It is one of the things that i am especially researching myself.

Doing What’s Best For the Family

Daniel moved his family from Knoxville Tn to Denver Colorado in the mid sixties. He did not get to live her long but there was more financial opportunity for people here in Colorado. I am not sure why he moved his family from Tennessee to Colorado but i am grateful he did. He died soon after arriving to Colorado and is buried in the Fort Logan Military Cemetary.

Why I Admire Him

He was a soldier at a time when it was tough to do so in the United States. Fighting in World War 2 as a combat engineer. Private Greene was awarded the purple heart for wounds taken in battle. I think that is a reason why i want to meet him so much. Desiring to want to know why he moved. I want to know his experiences in the military. Every day i always feel it an honor to be his descendant. And i hope you enjoyed me talking about the Grandfather



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