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Finding Secrets in Your DNA Reports

The Website in which you get your DNA Reports done do not hold all your information.

It’s true when I say that the websites that produce your DNA Results whether Ancestry or Find My Past or 23 And Me or others do not hold all the information that’s available to you. Its a hidden secret because many of these websites produce many reports that people think that’s all they need. I discovered a website from my mentor Thomas MacEntee who taught me about and the many resources that can be found there. So Iproduced a video that shows some of the information that can be found on that website. Check it out now!



Exciting Announcement’s

I am excited to announce that I have been selected as the genealogy fairy’s December grant recipient. It is because of this great charity that I will be able to go to RootsTech this coming year. I am excited to share the announcement here. From

Kenneth Green of The Genealogy Gangster: December 2016 Genealogy Fairy Grant Recipients

Congratulations to Kenneth Green of The Genealogy Gangster blog, our December 2016 grant recipient.

Congratulations to Kenneth Green of The Genealogy Gangster blog, our December 2016 grant recipient.

Here is the request we received from Kenneth:

I am a genealogy blogger who is starting a website called Genealogy Gangster. I do a vlog and written articles to help young African Americans with their genealogy and help them understand the process of finding their families. I am disabled (too many illnesses to list) that keeps me in the hospital. Because of that I cannot afford to attend RootsTech on my own. This grant would help me be able to go and report on the biggest genealogy conference in the world!

Click here to learn more about Kenneth and The Genealogy Gangster. We look forward to seeing Kenneth at Rootstech 2017 in Salt Lake City!

Submit a Grant Application for January 2017

The Genealogy Fairy™, is now accepting grant applications from organizations and individuals. For more information on The Genealogy Fairy™ concept, read more here. To submit your application, click here.

Note: grant applications prior to July 2016 will need to submit an updated request; all other requests from July 2016 to the present are still eligible to receive a grant from The Genealogy Fairy™; our next grant will be awarded and announced on January 15, 2017.

How You Can Support The Genealogy Fairy™ Program

While direct donations are not accepted, when you use any of the links at Genealogy Bargains ( to purchase genealogy books, software and supplies, 5% of those sales goes directly to funding of grants at The Genealogy Fairy™.

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Greetings, My name is Kenneth Green and i am the originator and chief content creator at simplykenneth. Years ago i realized i had a given gift of communication and i felt that a journal online could help others and help myself. So i started my first blog three years ago, and this is the site that has all those records. I am married to a beautiful wife named Rachel and we have three kids well cats hehe, Sneaks, Squeaks, and Scrappy. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have a love of culinary cooking (check out my food blog and genealogy ( i work in the political arena and n my down time i love to watch movies, youtube, and shopping! This site is an open window in my brain! Welcome to SimplyKG

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