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The Genealogy Gangster has arrived! I am Kenny Green and i will start by saying i am not affiliated with any gang or criminal organization. When i say gangster i use the urban dictionary verbiage meaning something great. So when i say i am gangster at Genealogy it means i am great at it.

What This Site is About

The Genealogy Gangster Hard at Work
The Genealogy Gangster Hard at Work

So i have another blog where i talk about food, life, art and more and you can find it at www.onlinepositivity.com and i used to blog about genealogy there. However i think my genealogy articles got lost in the mix. And so i wanted to have a blog exclusively dedicated to genealogy and thus this site was born. I am excited about what is to come and the future!



The Particulars

The Genealogy Gangster Ready to help!

This blog will be posting something every Monday and Friday.  Monday will be our genealogy gangster live show on Youtube which will be aired on this channel and the article on Friday will be our normal blog posting. We will forgoe the first friday posting as were launching this blog on Thursday of that week. So welcome and i hope you check out this blog all the time!

About Kenneth Green 86 Articles
Greetings, My name is Kenneth Green and i am the originator and chief content creator at simplykenneth. Years ago i realized i had a given gift of communication and i felt that a journal online could help others and help myself. So i started my first blog three years ago, and this is the site that has all those records. I am married to a beautiful wife named Rachel and we have three kids well cats hehe, Sneaks, Squeaks, and Scrappy. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have a love of culinary cooking (check out my food blog renalchef.us) and genealogy (genealogygangster.com) i work in the political arena and n my down time i love to watch movies, youtube, and shopping! This site is an open window in my brain! Welcome to SimplyKG

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  1. Happy One Year Blogiversary to the Genealogy Gangster thank you!

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